I am Mary Cox, founder and owner of Saging Mentality! I have grown up with a wide background in various fields, and with Saging Mentality, I have combined them together and have created my own business to support the local community in unique ways. I have several certifications surrounding mental health, addiction, Reiki Energy Work, Mindfulness, Life coaching, and Spiritual coaching and more.

                  I grew up with a strict Baptist Christian Background and found I had a keen eye for the spiritual and supernatural worlds around us. I Started at an early age learning about other religions, and spiritual practices that were both popular, and unpopular alike. I wanted to learn as much as I could about the world around me, and the Universe we exist in.  Due to trauma and poor life choices, I lost my way for a while, but when getting sober and clean from those poor choices I made in life, I found Reiki, which helped me not only empower myself, but also helped me truly open to my spiritual and God given gifts. 

                     Now I Offer as many modalities as I can for the community around me, to help others the way I was helped, and with my own twist added into them!

I’ve had many career choices over the years, never fully knowing what to do. Nothing felt right, not even hair, even though I loved it and was good at it.  I finally, with Reiki and the other modalities that I offer, and learning how to finally quiet my mind body and spirit, and tuly enjoy life to its fullest! I have been able to Find my purpose, or Dharma in life.  

That story though, starts with 17 years of childhood trauma of every kind. Why? Why does one child suffer so much? So when she is finally old enough and wise enough to understand it all (34 LOL) she can truly help each individual who comes into her life. 

I chose alcohol, drugs, and men to help numb the pain, but it numbed everything, all of my senses. 

 I can say I truly feel everything much deeper than I ever thought I would. But now because of the healing and growth I have achieved, I’m not just ok with it; I LOVE IT!!! I can now hold my head up high, and be proud of who I am, who I was, and who I am becoming!  

I hope to Help as many others along my journey along the way!

~Namaste Bitches!~ 

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