I’m Mary, owner of Saging Mentality! I’m a Divorcee’ twice over lol. No kids, but I do have 2 Fur babies who are my who world!! I have a 2 year old cat named Kitten, and a 5 month old Service puppy named Ariel. I am unable to have children, so they are like my children.

I’ve had many career choice of the year, never fully knowing what to do. Nothing felt right, not even hair, even though I loved it and was good at it. Having a Broken Vertebrae will make that pretty impossible though, especially when it is misdiagnosed for over 20 years. I finally, with Reiki, and learning how to finally quiet my mind and meditate, I have been able to Find my purpose, or Dharma in life.

My story though, starts with 17 years of childhood trauma of every kind. why? why does one child suffer so much? So when she is finally old enough and wise enough to understand it all (34 lol) she can truly help each individual who comes into her life.

I chose alcohol, drugs, and men to help numb the pain, but it numbed everything, all of my senses.

Now 1 year and 3 months sober and clean living, I can say I truly feel everything much deeper then I ever thought I would. But now because of Reiki I’m not just ok with it; I LOVE IT!!! I can now hold my head up high, and be proud of who i am, who i was, and who i am becoming! God made me prefect just the way I am, and changes made, he helps me make, to help me make myself better, for me, not him, because to him we are all perfect the way the made us!!

Here i will blog about my experiences of getting sober and clean, about Reiki, and all the other modalities I have used along my journey to help me become more at peace with who I am, and help me become a more whole person to help others in their journeys!!

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