Recently I Joined TicTok and I’m obsessed with all the knowledge of things I am learning form it!!

Here is a few videos of me doing cord cutting. The first one I did, was on a cheap mirror from the dollar store. Lesson Learned real quick, as you can see, I almost lit my porch on fire lol.

I bought more sturdy Nickle plates, and those seem to work great!

As you can see, these an get pretty engulfing with flames, depending on how strong the tie is. The Second one is with someone I had long ties with that needed to be done, but had to do twice, because the first time, as u can see, the black candle, representing the other person, does not diminish all the way before I have to put the flames out. I noticed that there was still a small bit of my white candle wick left, and I still have been thinking about this person.

The last one I have posted, was not to break bonds fully, but to break only unhealthy bonds. This is done by when creating your energy and alter setup, set the intentions that you are only burning away the unhealthy cords, not all of them.


cutting cord permanently, had to do a second time will post second video, this one almost caught my porch on fire!! use proper ceremony holders! mirrors will break from heat FYI lol #healingjourney #healing #cordcuting #cordcutting

♬ Piano & Opera Sorrowful, disturbing and beautiful song – M.S.Music

second cord cutting on better ceremony price, brass plates! #healingjourney #cordcutting

♬ Big Bad Wolf – In This Moment

cord cutting but only unhealthy cords a hold created over many years #healing #cordcutting #healingjourney

♬ Sober – Bad Wolves
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