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Reiki is Spiritual Energy work, helping you let go of the past, to bring in a bright new future! 

1 Hour in person session $75 Right now FREE!!!

1 Hour distance session $75   Right now FREE!!!

Reiki Master Class $1800  NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME

Reiki Energy

Oracle Cards 

Oracle Cards, are an Oracle reading, but on a card, I so far have 5 decks to choose from, and all are VERY accurate! 

1 card draw $15

3 card draw $30  Right now 15

Oracle Cards

Tarot Spreads  

Tarot card have been around for centuries, many people pray to many Gods, to get their answers, I pray to God, Jesus, the Angels, and Spirit Guides above, to help me get the right answers for you! 

Yes or No questions ( each question) $10 

10 card draw $60 Right now 30

3 card draw $30  right now 10

Tarot Profile (all about you(2 hours)) $120 right now 60

Chakra spread (10 card) $60 right now 30

Tree of life spread (10 card) $60 right now 30

Tarot Cards


Free with Services    (until I have them for sale)



Free with Services  (until I have them for sale)



Daily/weekly/monthly Horoscope (Free on Website (when Up and Running)) 

Birth chart print off and quick glance over $30  right now 15

Birth Chart print off and detailed go over $120  right now 60



Numerology, is a breakdown of the day you were born, and the numbers co-in siding with the letters in your name.  

Life path number (We use numbers to calculate your life Path number and go over it, the life path chosen for you) $30 right now 10

Destiney number ( Go over your Destiney/ Expression number in depth and what it means for you, the destiny of your life) $30   right now 10

Soul urge number ( In depth reading of your soul urge/ expression in life number, secrets inside yourself) $30  right now 10

Balance Number (different ways to help balance yourself out) $30 right now 10

Personality number ( Personality based on your name) $30 right now 10

Quiescent Self number (This is a number based on your most inner deepest secrets, you may not even know about yourself.) $30 right now 10

Career number ( Career number, is just that, a number, to help you pick a career that is the right choice for you.) $30 right now 10

Personal day/month/year numbers (Personal day/month/year numbers and the numbers associated with the day year and month you were born and the day year and month you choose.) $30  right now 10

Birthday number( Personal day/month/year numbers, numbers based on your birthday.) $30 right now 10

Lucky Numbers ( Lucky Numbers, based on your name and birthday) $30 right now 10

Life periods and cycles (Life periods and Cycles, numbers based on name and birthday, different life cycles you go through, throughout your life.) $30 right now 10

Break down of name by numbers (Break down of Name by numbers, we break down your name by numbers, and the meaning of those numbers) $30 right now 10

Numerology and your Company ( We go over how the names of your company, products and services can be the most beneficial to you.) $60 right now 30


Pendulum Work 

Using a Pendulum, I have Pendulum Boards and a Beautiful Purple Amethyst Sephoroton Pendulum. Sephoroton means that it is sensitive to the vibrations it picks up, it leaves for less error, and helps with love, health, money or to magnetize objects.  

30-minute session $30 

1-hour session$60 

Pendulum Work

Candle Work 

Candle Work is A modality I learned from a green witch, meaning a plant witch, using herbs, crystals, and candles of specific colors, we can heal or cut cords that need to be mended or broken. 

Healing Candle work Starts at 20

Cord Cutting work starts at 20

Candle Work

Crystal Work 

 Crystal Work, is a Modality I found helps align the body faster and easier while using the Reiki energy and infusing it into the crystals.  

Chakra Rebalance $60 

Organ meridian Rebalance $60 

Crystal work

Alter Work 

Alter work, we sit down together, plan out what you want for your space, or spaces, and then if you so choose, we can go shopping together to make things easier on you. 

Planning your alter $120 Right now 60

Go Shopping together $150 right now 75

Alter work

Mixed Modalities 

Below is a way of Mixing Modalities in some of the easier forms. 

Reiki and Oracle Cards 

Reiki and Pendulum Work 

Reiki and Crystal Work 

Numerology and Astrology 

Tarot and Candle work 

Tarot and Pendulum Work 

Tarot and Crystal Work 

Mixed Modalities

Package Deals 

1 Hour Reiki session, 1 Oracle card Draw $95  right now free

1 hour Reiki session, Tarot Card 3 car draw $100 right now free

1 hour distance Reiki with Pendulum $95 right now free

1 hour Reiki with Crystal work $95 right now free

Birth Chart 2-hour analysis and Tarot Card analysis (2 hours) (takes about 4 hours) $200 right now 120

Tarot spread of choice and Candle work or choice $95 right now 30 and up

Tarot spread of choice, and Pendulum work of choice $95 right now 30 and up

Tarot spread or choice, and Crystal work or choice $95  right now 30 and up

Alter work, sit together and plan everything, then go shopping together for everything $200 right now 120

Please feel free to book with me, https://www.fresha.com/book-now/marys-mystyx-oy2hhkna/all-offer?pId=511436

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