I highly recommend meditating at least once a day, even just for a few minutes to ground yourself every morning, before you leave fore the day, I know it helps me stay more present and in the moment!

It’s also hard to know how to meditate or ground well. fortunately I have had great teaches over the years, and have mixed some of what they taught me, as well as a little of my own twist to it all, and I want to share it will you all!

I start by saging my room, while saying in my head or out loud a prayer of ” please bless and cleanse this room” or doorway, or bed, or Dreamcatcher, be specific if it is a certain area you want cleansed.

I will Then light an incense, that has a sent that correlates with the intentions of my meditation. An example would be if I’m working on a specific Chakra that day, I will use a sent that correlates to that Chakra.

Also I play so Reiki healing music, you can find the link to my YouTube Music channel here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxtw3gSb9bJItYSZEB2NZEk-pLIsWE3MV I play this playlist for myself, and clients as well!!

Next I lay down with my knees up and arms on my stomach, to help me stay awake and alert. I have a hard time Sitting for long periods due to a broken Vertebrae that healed wrong, so this is what is most comfortable for me. You will find the most comfortable position for yourself to meditate in while you practice, be it sitting, laying, or standing even!

I then pray to God, asking him to help me ground without interference in my mind. I ask this, because my mind races a million miles a minutes LOL and so its hard to meditate or ground for me.

Then I have to physically think the words and visualize in my mind, with my eyes closed the next part, as I describe it to you…

” I take a Golden cord from my head and my stomach and connect them at my heart, and take it down, down through my bed, the floor, the crawl space, the concrete, the soil, rocks, sediments, water and crystal caves underground, more sediment and rock, then magma, then the core, the center of mother earth. Where I wrap the Golden cord around in groups of 3’s, then tie it tight and bring it back up. Up through the magma, the rock and sediment, the underground crystal caves, and water, more rock and sediment, soil, concrete, the crawl space, the floor, my bed, to my heart, where i feel the energy dispersing through my body, my heart, throat, stomach, head, arms legs, fingers, toes, till my whole bubble of protection is completely filled with mother earths grounding energy.

Then I take a second Golden cord from my head, and stomach, to my heart. I take it up, up through the ceiling, the attic, the roof, the air, the clouds, the atmosphere, the space. All the way to the sun, where I wrap it around in 3’s again, tie it tight, and bring it back down. Down through space, the atmosphere, the clouds, the air, the roof, the attic, the ceiling, down into my heart. Where The heavenly Fathers energy mixes with the motherly earths in my body, in my heart, throat, stomach, head, arms, legs, hands feet, fingers toes, then my whole bubble.”

I then say a prayer in gratitude.

If you plan to stop after that that is ok! That took me 4 months to master!! now I mediate, or try really hard to, at least once a day, but definitely ground daily! Having a rough day: tap back in to that energy through out the day and watch it turn around really quick!!

After I ground, to meditate, before hand I write up a list of everything I want to mediate about, and on.

Next, I look over it, and keep a pen near my person so that way when I get the answers I seek, I don’t forget!!

Then I go into prayer, asking God my questions, and telling him my intentions of my meditation that day, and just talk to him like he was there in my head listening, because he is :).

I set an alarm for how long I want to mediate for, because once you get into the flow of things, you can lose complete track of time! so i set an hour time frame for myself.

At the end on my meditation, I say my thanks and show my gratitude to God, my angels, my spirit guide’s and helpers, because all of them are there helping you in my meditation!

After words I feel rejuvenated! I hope this has helped you guys out!! If you have any questions, please check out my contact page and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have directly! https://sagingmentality.com/contact

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