Manifestation is the act of bringing something tangible into your life through attraction of thoughts, actions and beliefs. Example: if you believe it, it will come to you. 

This can mean bringing something tangible in your life by thoughts, actions and beliefs; such as thinking and visualizing the thing you want, writing them down and burning them, and believing in the knowledge that it will come to fruition.  

Below I will show you how I manifest in 6 quick easy steps! 

  1. Choose what I want to manifest 
  1. Getting rid of obstacles that stand in your way 
  1. Visualize each manifestation as if you already have it  
  1. Take action to make things happen! 
  1. Write and burn manifestations 
  1. Show gratitude and appreciation 

1.By choosing what I want to manifest, I know what I am hping my end results will be, and it helps me set my focus and intentions 

2.Getting rid of obstacles that stand in the way can be that hardest part of manifestation, as somethings may be hard to let go, but if it’s what you truly want, you will be able to do it! 

3.Visualizing each manifestation as if you already have it, is helping you know what your goal is, and know what the end result will be! 

4. Take action to make things happen, for me, I start making plans on how I can make my manifestations start coming to fruition.  

5. Write and burn manifestations, I write out all of what I want to manifest, write a positive affirmation at the top: 

“I am Grateful for all the joy, abundance and love that finds me today. I am open, I receive, and I am ready”  

I then write out what I have, and what I want.  

At the Bottom I write: 

“I claim with Positivity! “ 

I then set up my Prayer Altar, put a little bit of essential oil on my paper, and burn it in my Prayer Altar. 

My Prayer Altar

6.I also am showing gratitude by using my Prayer Altar, by lighting candles, using essential oils, and lighting incense.  I also say a little prayer saying thank you after it is all burned to ashes. 

I hope this gives you all a little insight into how I Manifest, hope it helps you all! 

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