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The beautiful thing about Reiki energy work, is every practice, and every practitioner can run their business the way they want. They help people in the way that is most beneficial for their clients due to the Reiki Master’s background, passions, and desires to help others. I personally am very passionate about mental health and addiction because that is what Reiki healed in me, and what I have a lot of certifications and personal experience in.

But I love to help all, so I offer Reiki sessions to any and everyone who needs or wants one. In person, over facetime or Skye distantly, on animals, children, plants. you can literally do Reiki on your home to change the energy flow to feel better!

When you come to visit me, I ask that you keep an open mind and heart, as the more open you are to receiving the energy, the more it can work on you in more places. To start, we will take off our shoes, and have you lay relaxed, clothed, with your eyes closed, to help let the ambiance of the music, aroma of the incense, and the low light let you relax.

Then I in my head for our Angel’s, Spirit Guides, and Heavenly Helpers to come down and help me perform the best Reiki I can. I ask to connect to you and that i see you as whole, perfect and loved, and that I only wish to send you Reiki Love and Reiki Energy.

Once we are connected, I use your feet and legs for muscle testing to get the answers from your body that we are seeking. I ask if there are any beliefs or words from your organ systems that may be stuck, then I ask about Reiki beliefs and Feelings. Next, I ask your body what of the 25 JIN SHIN JITSU acupressure points I’ve been taught, needs to be held to help get the energy flowing properly through your body. Next i check in on your Chakra’s and balance any out that your body will allow. Last, we will see if you have any old programming/patterning that your body is ready to break free of and start fresh over. Once your body says it has had enough Reiki for the day. I thank Your body for letting me do Reiki on it, send last bits of Reiki Love and Reiki Energy to you, tell your body how perfect and whole it is, thank our Angels, Spirit Guides, and Helpers, and then I disconnect from you and let you lay there relaxing for a few minutes reflecting in everything that just aspired.

After we do all that, some things come through for others, some things don’t, and that is perfectly normal. I have a Paper template I use to record everything down for you, so that nothing is forgotten from the session.

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